Rev. Joseph Leo Iannuzzi

Rev. Joseph Leo Iannuzzi

Doctoral Alumnus

Rev. Joseph Leo Iannuzzi is a doctoral alumnus of the Gregorian Pontifical University. He has obtained 5 post-graduate degrees, with studies in medicine, music, anthropology, sociology, philosophy, and theology.

As a young medical student, Joseph traveled to a Marian shrine in 1988 where he was inspired to enter the seminary. In 1991 he obtained a Ph.B. in Philosophy and was awarded the Kilburn Award. While assigned for 15 years in Italy, Rev. Iannuzzi studied Italian, Hebrew, Greek, Latin and other languages. He also obtained an STB, M. Div., STL and STD, Ph.D. in Theology, with specialization in patristics, dogmatics and mysticism.

Rev. Iannuzzi was one of four selected students to receive a grant from the Pontifical Biblicum University of Rome to study theology in Israel. While in Rome he assisted the exorcist of Rome, Fr. Gabriel Amorth, and has written several books on prophecy and revelation. He appeared on EWTN and was host of several television and national radio broadcasts. He has translated numerous theological works into English and has authored seven publications.

Rev. Iannuzzi’s first exposure to the writings of the Italian mystic Luisa Piccarreta occurred over twenty years ago while making a holy hour in a Trappist monastery. By a stroke of providence, there lay on the empty pew before him a volume of Luisa. After having read it, he discovered on the monastery windowsill a pamphlet of the same mystic. The following day a senior nun (now deceased) approached him and asked if he might be interested in translating Luisa’s works from Italian to English. He accepted this task.

In 2012 Rev. Iannuzzi successfully completed his doctorate in theology at the Gregorian Pontifical University of Rome, and he has translated into English all of Luisa’s writings that are cited in his doctoral dissertation and are approved by the Pontifical University that is authorized by the Holy See.

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